PM2 helps all three file sorts like the grounds the application descriptions and changes

PM2 helps all three file sorts like the grounds the application descriptions and changes

JSON vs. JavaScript vs. YAML

PM2 holds all three data kinds due to the fact schedule for its program definitions and customization. Decide on your favorite any and pick it, there aren’t any great things about determining for 1 or other.

Wea€™re fans of JSON and often will put on display your all examples in JSON formatting. You can simply follow the snippets to JS or YAML.

Configure Multi Services in one JSON File

Within an earlier posted tutorial, a persona€™ve previously watched PM2a€™s capability to manage advanced program designs using a JSON file. Youa€™ve a large number of options available to personalize the tendencies of your purposes managed by PM2.

Within your JSON file, PM2 makes use of the applications critical as base for the specified applications. Different each tool into an object and supply the defined solutions with respective standards. The below example explains three apps: futurestudio-homepage , futurestudio-worker and futurestudio-api . All three tasks have their entry way (JS document) which is documented because advantages for story .


PM2 calls for you to definitely create about the expression and story attributes to properly list and initiate the identified product. The worthiness for term can be applied by PM2 as a reference into steps and must be unique.

To get started the described software throughout the pm2-apps.json , take advantage of pm2 order series feature and reference the JSON data. PM2 will immediately discover each software and start them right away.

The snippet above demonstrates the entire process of establishing multiple solutions from your pm2-apps.json document (above). When a loan application (documented by-name) is actuallyna€™t already working, PM2 starts it. After the establishing regimen for all steps finished, an individuala€™ll see the common overview of processes was able by PM2.

An individual cana€™t personalize your order in which the processes get going. Keep reading to grasp ways you can act upon one tool in your steps data.


Any action put on (beginning, resume, reload, prevent) right to the JSON configuration file would be passed to all or any activities within that file. Correctly, so long as you accomplish the pm2 restart demand right on the JSON configuration data, all defined systems within that file have restarted instantly.

To simply act on a solitary application within a JSON file, satisfy check the next section.

Work Simply one Tool Within a Process Document

In situations where you will need to act on your very own JSON settings but just wish to address a solitary product, can help you that with the addition of the –only argument on the pm2 command. For example, if you ought to beginning the person steps just, do so like this:

After launched, simply handle pre-existing PM2 functions the normal ways.


Fixed adjustments in JS, JSON or YAML structure is an easy strategy to supply complex customizations to your software that get managed with PM2. We dona€™t must remember fondly the personal orders that youa€™d or else utilize utilising the command series utility.

This informative guide proved you how to define significantly more than just one product within a JSON file and you may use that to JS adam4adam for android and YAML aswell. Using a number of software descriptions in one file can benefit one in various circumstances. Check behavior which are put on with regards to the JSON document, because theya€™re accomplished on each outlined tool. If you’d like to list an individual tool operate the –only debate.

Do you have additional problems on PM2 or Node.js by and large? Only try letting uns recognize on Youtube and twitter @futurestud_io or depart a comment below.

Allow it to be rock & enjoy programming!

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